Iowa Projectle Points (PDF Download)

Author: Toby Morrow
1984, 114 pp.

Iowa Projectile Points is designed as a guide to assist with the identification of projectile point types commonly found in the state of Iowa. A few examples of diagnostic knife and scraper types are also included. It is organized by general typological forms (Lanceolate Points, Stemmed Points, Side-Notched Points, Corner-Notched Points, and Small Points) with the attributes considered for identification carefully described. The descriptions accompanied by Morrow's detailed line drawings make the guide easy to use. Appendices to the volume are equally informative including descriptions of raw materials commonly used for chipped stone tools in Iowa, guidance on recording archaeological sites,information on caring for a collection, and a review of Federal and State Laws Pertaining to Antiquities in Iowa.  In the years since this guide was written the chronology of projectile point typology has been refined by on-going research; however, the chronological listing of diagnostic artifact types in Appendix B remains generally accurate.