Journal of the Iowa Archeological Society

JIAS Volume 54 (2007)

Archeological Investigations of Iowa Underground Railroad Sites

Table of Contents:

  • Civil Bend Archeology: An Initial Examination of Several Sites in the Antislavery Historic Context (Lowell Blikre)
  • Archaeological and Geophysical Investigations at the Reverend George B. Hitchcock Properties, Cass County, Iowa (Douglas W. Jones and Steven L. DeVore)
  • Profiles in Iowa Archeology: My Life in the Cemetery: Personal, CRM, and Ethnoarchaeological Ruminations (David Mayer Gradwohl)

Book Reviews

  • Green: A Warrior I have Been: Plains Indian Cultures in Transition (Jim Feagins)
  • VanPool and VanPool: Signs of the Casas Grandes Shamans (James M. Collins)
  • Lekson: The Architecture of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (Wm. Lane Shields)
  • Ahler and Kay: Plains Village Archaeology: Bison-hunting Farmers in the Central and Northern Plains (John G. Hedden)
JIAS Volume 53 (2006)

Table of Contents:

  • Preparing for War in the Fat Land (Charles R. Keyes, with analysis and commentary by Michael J. Perry)
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Survey of the Fort Atkinson Dragoon Stables (William E. Whittaker)

Book Reviews

  • Hoard and Banks: Kansas Archaeology (John G. Hedden)
  • Ehrhardt: European Metals in Native Hands: Rethinking the Dynamics of Technological Change, 1640-1683 (Jim Feagins)
JIAS Volume 52, No. 2 (2005)

Table of Contents:

  • The Gill Site (23RY102): An Early Woodland Encampment in Northwest Missouri (Richard L. Fishel)
  • Collective Ritual and Sepulchral Recycling at the Buck Creek Mounds, Clayton County, Iowa (James M. Collins, Linda Forman, E. Arthur Bettis III, and Alton K. Fisher)

Book Reviews

  • Reid and Whittlesey: Thirty Years Into Yesterday (Wm. Lane Shields)
  • Whittaker: American Flintknappers (Mark L. Anderson)
JIAS Volume 52, No. 1 (2005)

Still Running: A Tribute to Maria Pearson, Yankton Sioux

A Special Commemorative Issue of the Journal of the Iowa Archeological Society, edited by David Mayer Gradwohl, Joe B. Thompson, and Michael J. Perry

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: About this Volume and Its Authors (David Mayer Gradwohl)
  • Give Me Back My People’s Bones: Repatriation and Reburial of American Indian Skeletal Remains in Iowa (Maria D. Pearson)
  • The Earthly Journey of Running Moccasins: Maria Pearson (1932–2003) (David Gradwohl)
  • Beginnings: Maria Pearson and Her Role in the Formulation of Iowa’s Burial Law and the Development of the Indian Advisory Committee of the Office of the State Archaeologist of Iowa (Duane C. Anderson and Joseph A. Tiffany)
  • Maria: My Nemesis, My Salvation, My Friend, My Sister (Duane C. Anderson)
  • Burial Protection and Reburial in Iowa: A Tribute to Maria Pearson (Shirley J. Schermer and William Green)
  • We Do Not Own or Control History, We are Merely Its Stewards–The Saga of the West Des Moines Burials (Jerome L. Thompson)
  • Maria Pearson’s Role in World Archaeology (Larry J. Zimmerman)
  • Private Lessons from Maria Pearson (Steve J. Dasovich)
  • Maria Pearson: A Warrior and Peacemaker in Two Worlds (Sheryl L. Dowlin)
  • Journeying Across Native America with Running Moccasins (Shannon Ramsay)
  • Maria Pearson–a.k.a., Running Moccasins: A Life Spent Living, Teaching, and Bridging Between Tradition and Modernity, Thereby Reconciling the Dead with the Living (Wayne E. Allen)
JIAS Volume 51 (2004)

Lead and New Lives Along the Mississippi River: Development of an Early Cultural Landscape, Dubuque County, Iowa

edited by Amy L. Ollendorf

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to Recent Archaeological and Historic Architectural Investigations in Dubuque County (Amy L. Ollendorf, Leah D. Rogers, and Jan Olive Nash)
  • Prehistoric Lead Mining in the Dubuque Area (Donna L. Stubbs)
  • The History, Architecture and Archaeology of the “Lost” Town of Center Grove (Jan Olive Nash and Leah D. Rogers)
  • Miners and Miters: Evidence of Frontier Adaptive Cultural Expression at 13DB734, a Mid-Nineteenth-Century Homestead (Jeremy Loren Nienow)
  • Legacies of the Renards, Mina De Plomo, and “Swaledalers” in the Upper Mississippi River Valley (Amy L. Ollendorf)

Articles in Iowa Archeology

  • Stoneware Vessels on the Iowa Frontier: The Early Nineteenth-Century Frazier-Hiatt Site (Gerard P. Scharfenberger)


JIAS Volume 50 (2003)

Always on the Edge (in the Prairie-Plains): Essays in Honor of David Mayer Gradwohl

edited by Larry J. Zimmerman

Table of Contents:

  • Always on Edge: David M. Gradwohl and Prairie-Plains Archaeology (Larry J. Zimmerman)


  • From Stalking the Skunk to Cribb’s Crib: An Introduction to the Life of David Mayer Gradwohl (Nancy Osborn Johnsen)
  • From Turin to 2002: Reflections on My Career in Iowa Archaeology (David Mayer Gradwohl)
  • Strangers in Paradise (Robert W. Neuman)

Some Fun

  • An Attack by an Amphibious Motorcycle Gang on ISU Archaeologists Results in an Empirical Test of the Financial Value of Graduate Degrees (John R. Cole)
  • Hippie Archaeology: In Search of the Kansas Woodstock (Randall M. Thies)
  • The Gradwohl Phase in Central Iowa Prehistory: A Paper Presented at the 216th Plains Conference, Fort Pierre, South Dakota, November 1, 2158 (Willey McKern Phillips)

Prairie-Plains Archaeology

  • A Fishy Story from Iowa: Some Preliminary Considerations of Prehistoric Fishing Practices on the Eastern Prairie-Plains (Douglas W. Jones)
  • Great Oasis Osteology and Burial Practices (Shirley J. Schermer)
  • A Pony Creek Settlement Model (Michael J. Perry)
  • A Reexamination of the Swanson Site (39BR16), an Initial Middle Missouri Village in Central South Dakota (Joseph A. Tiffany)
  • Geophysical Investigations of the Bogan Site (14GE1), Geary County, Kansas (Steven L. DeVore and Robert K. Nickel)
  • Cultural Dynamics of the Prairie/Plains Border of North Central Texas during the Late Prehistoric Period (Duane E. Peter)
  • The Archaeology and History of Ioway/Oto Exchange Patterns, 1650–1700 (Dale R. Henning)
  • Migrations of the Sauk and Meskwaki in the Mid-1840s: The Emigration of 1845 (Kathy Gourley)
  • Cell Towers and Mound Builders: A Successful Conclusion in Iowa (Steve J. Dasovich)

In the End…

  • Seasons of the Ioway (Lance M. Foster)

Notes from David's Friends

JIAS Volume 49 (2002)

50th Anniversary, Part II

Table of Contents:

Reprints in Iowa Archeology

  • The Present Status of Iowa Archeology (Vol. 3, No. 2 and 3, 1953) (Reynold J. Ruppé)

Iowa Archaeology at the Beginning of the 21st Century

  • Archaeological Perspectives on Southwest Iowa (Joseph A. Tiffany)
  • Prehistoric Archeology in Northeastern Iowa (Joe B. Thompson)
  • Bibliography of Northeastern Iowa Archeology and Selected References on Geology and Paleoenvironmental Studies (Compiled by Joe B. Thompson)
  • A Century of Iowa Rock Art Research (Lori A. Stanley)

Articles in Iowa Archeology

  • Petroglyph Investigations at the Pilot Rock Site (13CK101), Cherokee County, Iowa (David Moyer)
JIAS Volume 48 (2001)

50th Anniversary Issue, Part I

Table of Contents:

Reprints in Iowa Archeology

  • First Journal Cover (Vol. 1, No.1, 1951) (William J. Kennedy)
  • Message from the President of the Society (Vol 1., No. 1, 1951) (William J. Kennedy)
  • Past Iowa Archeological Research and Future Research Trends (Vol. 1, No. 1, 1951) (Wilfred D. Logan)

Iowa Archeology at the Beginning of the 21st Century

  • Message from the President of the Society (Douglas W. Jones)
  • Historic Archaeology in Iowa: A Retrospective (Leah D. Rogers)
  • Commentary on the Archeological History of Southeastern Iowa (David W. Benn)
  • South Central Iowa: Environmental Background and Archaeological History (Michael J. Perry)
  • Oneota Overview of South Central Iowa (Richard L. Fishel)
  • The Randolph Phase in Southern Iowa (Donna C. Roper)
  • Overview of the Late Late Woodland Period in South Central Iowa (Michael J. Perry)
  • Investigations at the Buxton Townsite: A Coal-mining Community with a Majority Population of African-Americans (David Mayer Gradwohl)

Topics in Iowa Archeology

  • Prehistoric Utilization of Freshwater Mussels (Bivalvia: Unioniade) in the Upper Mississippi River Valley (Jeffrey R. Straka)

Profiles in Iowa Archeology

  • Dr. Henry P. “Doe” Fields (Neil Mick)
  • Gavin Sampson (Jennifer Putzier)
JIAS Volume 47 (2000)

Table of Contents:

  • Oneota Ceramic Repair and Reuse (Colin M. Betts)
  • Nineteenth Century Soft-Mud Brick Kilns: Two Examples from Lost Creek Valley, Mahaska County, Iowa (Michelle M. Terrell)
  • Archaeological Investigations at the Brown Brothers Tile Factory, Washington County, Iowa (K. Kris Hirst)
  • The Upper Mississippi Valley Borderlands: The Historic Context for Early Contact Period Sites in Iowa (Robert C. Vogel)
JIAS Volume 46 (1999)

Table of Contents:

  • Late Woodland Knobbed Pipes: An Association with Maize? (William Green)
  • Archeology at the Packwood Site (13PK46), Polk County, Iowa: Part I, Technical Data (Joe B. Thompson, David W. Benn, Lowell Blikre, Sean Coughlin, and Patti Wright)
  • Archeology at the Packwood Site (13PK46), Polk County, Iowa: Part II, Community Patterns (Joe B. Thompson and David W. Benn)