Heritage Matters

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Support Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Education and Outreach


As of July 1, 2016, the Office of the State Archaeologist Education & Outreach Program will no longer receive direct state support, and all program activities must be 100% externally funded. Regardless, we are working hard to maintain the programming and services already offered, and are brainstorming ways to create new partnerships and programs. It is our goal to make heritage education a well-funded priority again, and there are ways you can help!

Immediate Impacts as of 7/1/16 

  • No un-sponsored programming
  • Increased fees
  • Overall programming reductions
  • Limited in-kind staff matches for grants and programs


Long Term Goals

  • A "Friends of" organization for fundraising and support
  • The creation of an endowment for financial stability and independence
  • The ability to offer free archaeology and heritage programming to schools statewide


How You Can Help

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