Journal of the Iowa Archeological Society

JIAS Volume 24 (1977)
Table of Contents:
  • The Young Site, Linn County, Iowa, and Comments on Woodland Ceramics (David W. Benn with Dean M. Thompson)
  • The Glenwood Local Sequence: A Re-examination (Larry J. Zimmerman)
  • Artifacts from the Sharp’s Site: A Sterns Creek Component in Southwestern Iowa (Joseph A. Tiffany)
  • The Soldow Site, 13HB1: An Archaic Component from North Central Iowa (Richard E. Flanders)
JIAS Volume 23 (1976)

Keyes & Orr Memorial Issue

Table of Contents:

  • Ethnohistory: Its Payoffs and Pitfalls for Iowa Archeologists (Mildred Mott Wedel)
  • A Memorial Bibliography of Charles R. Keyes and Ellison J. Orr (John P. Tandarich and Loren N. Horton)
  • The Mound Builders: An American Myth (R. Clark Mallam)
JIAS Volume 22 (1975)

Table of Contents:

  • The Williams Site (13PM50): A Great Oasis Component in Northwest Iowa (Patricia McAlister Williams)
  • The McKinney Village Site: An Oneota Site in Southeastern Iowa (Richard G. Slattery, George A. Horton, and Michael E. Ruppert)
JIAS Volume 21 (1974)

The Cherokee Sewer Site (13CK405): A Preliminary Report of a Stratified PaleoIndian/Archaic Site in Northwestern Iowa

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction (Richard Shutler, Jr. and Duane C. Anderson)
  • The Geology and Paleopedology of the Cherokee Sewer Site (George R. Hallberg, Bernard E. Hoyer, and Gerald A. Miller)
  • The Cultural Horizons (Richard Shutler, Jr. and Duane C. Anderson)
  • Cherokee Sewer Site (13CK405): Lithic Analysis (Duane C. Anderson)
  • Bone Artifacts (Richard Shutler, Jr.)
  • Identification and Interpretation of American Bison Remains from the Cherokee Sewer Site (Katherine E. Butler)
  • Microvertebrates from the Cherokee Sewer Site (Holmes A. Semken)
  • Molluscan Remains from 13CK405 (David A. Baerreis)
  • Analysis of Charcoal from the Cherokee Sewer Site (13CK405) (Robert C. Koeppen and Lawrence A. Conrad)
  • Seeds from the Cherokee Sewer Site (13CK405) (Joseph A. Tiffany)
  • Summary and Conclusions (Duane A. Anderson and Richard Shutler, Jr.)
  • Appendix: The Mapping of 13CK405 (Cherokee Sewer Site) (John Tenderich, Dean Thompson, and Jeff Marck)
JIAS Volume 20 (1973)

Table of Contents:

  • Brewster Site (13CK15) Lithic Analysis (Duane C. Anderson)
JIAS Volume 19 (1972)

Table of Contents:

  • An Early Woodland Period Manifestation in the Prairie Peninsula (Walter E. Kippel, Illinois State Museum)
JIAS Volume 18 (1971)
Table of Contents:
  • The Prairie Peninsula and Its Relationships to Riverine Settlements of the Middle Missouri
  • Preface (Richard B. Johnston)
  • Introduction (Wilfred D. Logan)
  • An Overview of the Middle Missouri Tradition (Donald J. Lehmer)
  • Origins of Mill Creek (Dale R. Henning)
  • The Northern Margin of the Prairie Peninsula (Elden Johnson)
  • Summary of Discussion and Appended Remarks (David A. Baerreis)
  • Final Investigation of Mound 33, Effigy Mounds National Monument, Iowa (Wilfred D. Logan)
JIAS Volume 17 (1970)

Table of Contents:

  • A Report of the Archeological Investigations, Pipestone National Monument, 1956 and 1966 (John S. Sigstad)
JIAS Volume 16 (1969)

Climatic Change and the Mill Creek Culture of Iowa: Part II

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter IV: Ceramics from the Mill Creek Sites (David R. Henning)
  • Chapter V: Description of the Mill Creek Skeleton from 13PM4 (Martin Q. Peterson)
  • Chapter VI: Faunal Study of Large Ruminants from Mill Creek Culture Sites in Northwest Iowa (W. D. Frankforter)
  • Chapter VII: Pollen Analysis of Materials from the Phipps, Kimball, and Wittrock Sites in Iowa (William R. James, Harvey Nichols)
  • Chapter VIII: Pedological Investigations at Mill Creek, Iowa Archeological Sites (Gerhard B. Lee)
  • Chapter IX: A Preliminary Analysis of Gastropods from the Mill Creek Sites (David A. Baerreis)
JIAS Volume 15 (1968)

Climatic Change and the Mill Creek Culture of Iowa: Part I

Table of Contents:
  • Chapter I: Introduction and Project Summary (Reid A. Bryson and David A. Baerreis)
  • Chapter II: 1963 Excavations in the Mill Creek Sites (Dale R. Henning, Amy E. Henning, and David A. Baerreis)
  • Chapter III: Artifact Descriptions: Bone, Stone and Shell (David A. Baerreis)